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Samudram Packages


A 5 day cruise Package to Kavaratti, Kalpeni,Kadmath and Minicoy islands visits any 3 Island byall weather liner M V Kavaratti.The islands tour is organized during the day with lunch and refreshments ashore. Nights are spent on board of the ship. Swimming, snorkeling, Scuba Diving and other water sports activities.

Cruise based package (Lakshadweep Samudram) availed tourist will enjoy the following facilities without any additional payment in the island of their visit as the cost of which included in the package cost.

  • i. Kavaratti Island - Glass bottomed boat ride, Kayaking, visit to Fisheries Museum and Folk Dance.
  • ii. Kalpeni Island - Snorkeling, Kayaking, Factory Visit and Folk Dance.
  • iii. Minicoy Island - Kayaking, Light House visit, Village visit, Folk Dance.
  • iv. Kadmat Island - Kayaking, Glass bottomed boat ride, Factory visit, Folk Dance.

Tour Cost .(Sep to Nov 2015) (Jan to May 2016)

class of stay Class of Cabin Ship cost Tour cost Total package cost
Adult First(Two bed) Rs 14,630 Rs 11,495 Rs 26,125
Child (age from 1 yr to 10yr) First(Two bed) Rs 11,495/- Rs 7,315 Rs 18,810/-

Ship schedule for Lakshadweep Samudram Package

Dep. Kochi Ship Arr. Kochi Islands
29.10.2017 M.V Kavarathi 02.11.2017 Kadmat-Kavaratti-Kalpeni
04.11.2017 M.V Kavarathi 08.11.2017 Minicoy-Kalpeni-Kavaratti
11.11.2017 M.V Kavarathi 15.11.2017 Kalpeni-Kadmat-Kavaratti
18.11.2017 M.V Kavarathi 22.11.2017 Kavaratti-Kalpeni-Minicoy
24.11.2017 M.V Kavarathi 28.11.2017 Kalpeni-Kavaratti-Kadmat
01.12.2017 M.V Kavarathi 05.12.2017 Kavaratti-Kalpeni-Minicoy
08.12.2017 M.V Kavarathi 16.12.2017 Kadmat-Kalpeni-Kavaratti
14.12.2017 M.V Kavarathi 18.12.2017 Kavaratti-Minicoy-Kadmat
21.12.2017 M.V Kavarathi 25.12.2017 Kalpeni-Kavaratti-Minicoy
28.12.2017 M.V Kavarathi 01.01.2018 Kadmat-Kavaratti-Kalpeni
04.01.2018 M.V Kavarathi 08.01.2018 Kalpeni-Kavaratti-Minicoy
10.01.2018 M.V Kavarathi 14.01.2018 Kadmat-Kalpeni-Kavaratti

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